General Information and Services

The following services and information are available at the Towamencin Township Police Department's Administrative Office, Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM:

Accident Reports

Please visit the " " to request an Accident Report

Police Incident Reports

Police incident report copies can be released under the Pennsylvania Right to Know Law. Copies can be obtained by completing a "Right To Know Form" available at police headquarters or downloaded from the "Documents and Forms" webpage. The charge for report copies are 25 cents per page. Police investigative reports can only be released by court order.

Parking Tickets & Citations

Parking tickets may be paid by mail by sending a check or money order, along with the parking ticket, to the Towamencin Township Police Department, 1090 Troxel Road, PO Box 303, Kulpsville, PA 19443 or in person at the Police Department Office during regular hours.

If you desire to plead "not guilty" to a parking ticket and would like to request a hearing, please wait until you receive a citation in the mail; however, please be advised that if you are found guilty at the hearing, the cost will be substantially increased from the cost of the original parking ticket.

All traffic and non-traffic citations must be paid by pleading "guilty" on the citation and then sending the fine and costs listed to the District Court on the citation. Those who wish to request a hearing for any traffic or non-traffic citation should plead "not guilty" on the citation and then send that part of the citation to District Court requesting a hearing date.


Fingerprinting can be performed for township residents and township businesses at the Police Department for employment purposes, name changes, etc. at no cost.

Non-residents are charged a fee of $35.00. Fingerprinting is done by appointment only. Please contact the Police Department's non-emergency number at (215) 368-7606 to schedule an appointment. We cannot perform fingerprinting for immigration purposes. Please contact your nearest Immigration Department for a listing of their offices.


All individuals and businesses that possess burglary/security or other types of alarms are mandated by Township Ordinances to register their alarms with the police department at an annual fee of $25.00. You will be billed by the Township Finance Department when the annual fee is due.

Please visit the "Documents and Forms" page to download an Alarm Permit Application

Soliciting & Vendor Permits

Solicitor or vendor permits can be obtained at the police department utilizing the following guidelines:

If you are planning on soliciting door-to-door attempting to sell a product where you will be taking payments or deposits, or otherwise distributing pamphlets or business flyers, a permit and fee payment is required. You will need to present a driver's license, Pennsylvania Identification Card or other forms of identification at the time of application. You will also be required to complete a background check before the permit is approved and issued.

If you are soliciting for non-profit or charitable organizations or groups the permits are no charge. However, you must still register with the Police Department and each individual must have identification and will be issued a permit card at time the application is approved.

You can obtain general information on this or any other matters by calling the Towamencin Township Police Department Office at (215) 368-7606.

Please visit the "Documents and Forms" page to download an Soliciting Permit Application

Police Department Tours & Public Appearances

The Towamencin Township Police Department provides tours of the police facilities for schools, community groups or other organizations upon request. Anyone interested in arranging a tour should contact Ms. Sandy Schwenk at (215) 368-7606 during normal business hours. Anyone interested in having an officer speak to a community group about law enforcement may also schedule an officer's appearance by contacting Ms. Schwenk as well.

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