The North Penn Area Central Processing Center

The Towamencin Township Police Department, under the Montgomery County Regional Booking Center Plan, operates the North Penn Area Central Processing Center to serve the law enforcement agencies in the North Penn and Indian Valley Areas of Montgomery County.

The center provides the ability to positively identify offenders via fingerprints. The center is also linked directly to the Commonwealth Photo Imaging Network, providing investigators access to over 700,000 photos from across the state.

Towamencin Township also implements video technology allowing criminal defendants to appear before a Magisterial District Judge by video to have bail set to facilitate release or commitment to the Montgomery County Correctional Facility.

Through a partnership with Montgomery County Sheriff John Durante a DUI Fast Track Center is operated from the North Penn Area Central Processing Center. Montgomery County Sheriff Deputies staff the center on weekends and process and test DUI offenders, as well as conduct criminal processing functions for other offenders. The assistance and expertise of the deputies allows police officers to quickly test DUI suspects and return to patrol duties. This is an excellent example of municipal and county resources working together to protect our communities.

What is a Central Processing Center?

A Central Processing Center is a centralized location which allows easy access to all Law Enforcement Officers to book criminal defendants. By utilizing three state-of-the-art technologies in a secure modern facility, officers are able to return to their respective duties in a shorter period of time, providing greater public safety.

The three Pennsylvania Systems are:

Livescan is an inkless computer system that captures fingerprints from arrested individuals. The fingerprints are electronically submitted to the Pennsylvania State Police Central Repository and a search is made directly to the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS).

The Commonwealth Photo Imaging Network (CPIN) is a statewide computer network that captures and stores digital photographs of arrestees. CPIN allows for unlimited photos to be captured of a suspects face, scars, marks and tattoos. The CPIN system can then create a digital lineup with those photos. The photos and any demographics are almost immediately accessible at all criminal processing centers throughout the state.

Videoconferencing links all District Justice offices in Montgomery County with the Central Processing Centers in order to conduct preliminary arraignments. This eliminates unnecessary transport of prisoners. The arrestee remains in the secure facility, eliminating the opportunity to escape. There are currently ten (10) Central Processing Centers in Montgomery County.

Participating agencies in the North Penn Area Central Processing Center:

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Where is the Central Processing Center?

The Central Processing Center is located at the headquarters building of the Towamencin Township Police Department.

How do Police Departments access the Center?

Police park in the designated areas at the rear of the Towamencin Township Police Department to enter, with a special pass code, into the secured area. Weapons are stored in secure gun lockers and the defendant(s) are thoroughly searched. Police will then enter the secure processing area using the pass code.